Quick Overview of Area Rug Options

Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal Only on Off-Site Rug Bath Washings

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Rug Bath Washing Service ($4/sqft, Ready In About 1 Week) – Recommended for High-End Rugs or Rugs With Pet Stains & Odors
✔ Our Rug-Washing service is the most thorough method of cleaning your area rugs. Rugs are given a bath multiple times over and completely saturated in safe and rug-approved odor neutralization solutions.
✔ Rug Washing completely removes pet odors, hair and dander, guaranteed.
✔ Rug Washing costs more because it is a much more thorough and involved process. It also takes more time, about a week from pick-up to drop-off, give or take. But trust us… it’s worth it!
 This process is very safe for your rugs, and they are tested for various things including colorfastness / bleeding before we begin to determine the absolute best way to clean them. We have many years of experience and training and will take good care of them.
Area Rug Cleaning Washing
In-Home Cleaning Service ($1/sqft, Dry In Hours) 
✔ In-Home Cleaning is a great service which yields excellent results as well. We clean dozens of rugs per week with this method!
In-Home Cleaning is quick and easy, with no return trip. You can enjoy a clean rug the same day as you have your carpets cleaned!
✔ In-Home Cleaning is dry fast – usually in just a couple hours or so.
✔ In-Home Cleaning is less expensive than a rug washing plant service.
✔ Recommended for less expensive rugs that really just need a quick freshening up.

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